Hot Line

This is a must for tourists. Every 5 day all the hill tribe people come down from the mountains to buy and sell their goods, such as many different hand -made items . The market place is alive with activity and the hill tribe people wear their colorful, uniquely woven national costumes decorated with artistically designed jewelry.


Places Summary
A Heho Kyone – Pindaya Taung Tho – Inle Lake Loikaw
B Taunggyi Aungban Inle Floting Market -
C Pwe Hla – Pindaya Taungni – Aungban Mine Thaut – Inle Lake Phaung Daw Oo – Inle Lake
D Shwe Nyaung Kalaw Khaungdine – Inle Lake Indein – Inle Lake
E Nyaung Shwe Pindaya Kakku – Taunggyi Nampan – Inle Lake


Full moon day
Dark moon day
(All market days may be held on before full and dark moon days)