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If you like to make full day trek, you will see two palaung villages and such as a nice landscape and pass through Rain Forest . It will be (21 Km ) more or less six hours without break . We can start 8:00 am (or ) 8:30 am after breakfast at your hotel . It will take two and half hours to the first Palaung village. There are so many Tea plantations and some hillside cultivation on the way. When we arrive at the village, first we go and visit a village elementary school . You will see how the children are study at a small school, then we pass through a village and how they make black tea .After that stop on a family house , you will see how the people living life style and continue to the second village . It will take half and hours, there and break on a family house taking tea and see their traditional costume who wearing Palaung women on their house . After that continue to the View Point where we lunch break over there , its about 1450 m above sea level , about 150m heighter than Kalaw which is the most beautiful landscape over there .
After lunch we will pass through in the jungle or Rain Forest and go and visit Reservoir in the middle of Rain Forest on the way back to Kalaw . It will be ( 21 Km ) more or less six hours without break . Which is a beautiful full day trek around Kalaw.